“When we decided to sell our home, we knew that finding the right agent was key. It was our first home and we were completely unfamiliar with the process. We called Reeza because we had seen her name in the neighborhood, but we planned on calling several other realtors and interviewing a few before choosing. We left a message with Reeza at about 9 p.m. one evening. To our surprise, she called back within a few minutes. Her demeanor, professionalism, and courtesy, combined with her obvious knowledge of the market and ability to explain things in simple, direct terms made us choose her right away. At every step of our home selling process, she continued to prove that we had made the right decision.
In our first meeting with her, she provided an impressive binder explaining her services. When we signed the contract with her, she also gave a detailed and patient explanation of all its terms, making sure that we understood our responsibilities and hers before signing, listening to our concerns and answering all of our questions. Because of Reeza’s familiarity with the area and her solid judgment, she gave us excellent advice on the listing price, whether and when to hold open houses and how to evaluate offers. Reeza strikes that perfect balance between advising her clients and allowing them to make decisions. At every step, we felt respected and confident that she was looking out for us. She combines a thorough and deep understanding of the market with excellent instincts and a willingness to take calculated risks that made her a perfect representative throughout the process.
If there is a harder working agent out there, it is hard for us to imagine. Reeza was always available. Because we both work, she would routinely meet with us starting at 9 or 10 p.m. We always knew we could reach her on her cell phone or get a return call almost immediately. She always had open house signs up in the neighborhood and, at the same time, made us feel like we were important clients.
At one point, we had a buyer, whose offer we already accepted, backed out. Reeza counseled us through this in her always professional and reassuring manner, then went on to successfully resell the property at an excellent price and close it on time. Reeza’s services exceed our wildest expectations and have made us loyal fans and clients. She is superbly detail-oriented, meticulous, honest and straightforward, unbelievably knowledgeable, dedicated to her job and to her clients, articulate, fair and completely personable. We would recommend her, without reservation, in an instant.” – ATTY. HERNAN VERA, PUBLIC COUNSEL LAW CENTER, CONSUMER RIGHTS PROJECT AND ATTY. JULIE SU, U.S. DEPUTY SECRETARY OF LABOR (FORMER SECRETARY OF THE CALIFORNIA LABOR AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY) / HONORED BY PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON IN PROCLAMATION OF WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH – MARCH 1997 / RECIPIENT OF JOHN D. & CATHERINE T. MACATHUR’S ‘GENIUS’ FELLOW AWARD-2001 (FORMER WESTRIDGE RESIDENTS).

“I normally would not consider writing a testimonial. However, my family recently moved into our “dream” home, and I want to recognize Reeza Gervacio for making that event possible.
Reeza was highly recommended to my wife and me by our two closest friends. She represented them in purchasing their homes, and they promptly encouraged us to contact her when we decided to move. Their unsolicited and enthusiastic testimonies persuaded us to call Reeza as both couples were clearly more than pleased with her services.
As I stated, Reeza was instrumental in making our dream house a reality. When she showed us the property, we knew we had found our home. But as many buyers in the current economic climate are finding, complications abound in the marketplace. In our case, the hurdle was a “short sale” circumstance. The term sounded like more real estate jargon when we heard it, but Reeza patiently and thoroughly explained the process and advised us what to expect if we decided to submit a bid. We bid, and she was exactly right. As she had warned, it was indeed a lengthy process. Almost a year passed from the date of our initial offer to the close of escrow.
Reeza guided us through an extremely arduous and complicated process and prepared the most compelling proposal in a multiple offer situation. Her knowledge and experience were crucial in restructuring our offer with a price equitable to all parties and in packaging a winning proposal to the lender. She knew the lender would consent to nothing less than an absolutely comprehensive package, so she meticulously attended to every detail to ensure that ours contained all the requisite asset and income documentation. She further enhanced our prospects of winning the bid with an accompanying introductory letter that most persuasively highlighted the strengths of our offer.
Throughout the entire ordeal, Reeza was there for us. Whether it was to answer our many questions, resolve problems, update us, or to buoy our spirits when we became discouraged, she was there, and her professionalism and obvious experience and expertise were a constant reassurance. When Reeza vacationed out of the country, she gave us her international phone number as well as her assistant’s contact information to mitigate any apprehension her absence might cause. When the process stalled, she enlisted the services of a short sale specialist to quell our concerns and move the process forward. This was a challenging undertaking because the seller’s agent adamantly refused to work with the specialist. Nonetheless, Reeza convinced the agent that the short sale specialist’s intervention was in the best interest of the transaction.
Working with Reeza exceeded my every expectation of the realtor-client experience. Her honesty and personal integrity, professionalism, work ethic, competence, and exceptional customer service skills is a rare combination of characteristics in today’s service industry—almost a relic of a bygone era. Reeza is a pleasant and refreshing anachronism from those times. It is her habit to make the extra effort to secure the best possible outcome for her clients. We could not have had a better counselor and advocate represent us in this difficult transaction.
I wrote this testimonial because I want to wholeheartedly recommend Reeza to anyone needing quality realty services. Without reservation, I can promise that she will not disappoint you. Home is where the heart is, so don’t leave finding this very special place to just anyone. Thank you, Reeza, for all your work, patience, and dedication! Without you, our dream home would still be our reverie.” – JUSTIN T. ABO, O.D AND LARISSA A. MURAKAMI-ABO, O.D. (WALDEN ESTATES, BREA RESIDENTS).

“Reeza is someone my wife has known for years even before she sold our first home at Hawks Pointe in 2006. With that sale, we moved to a different home in the same neighborhood. When we were ready to sell again roughly 15 years later (2021), we did not hesitate to have her represent us again.
She just has this unparalleled knowledge and experience of the area. This time both my wife and I noticed how much more seasoned she had become compared to our first experience with her. Because we dabble real estate investments, we’ve had our share of dealings with different agents. That year was a very busy year for us because our family was involved in 4 different transactions, all with different agents since they were all from different areas. And here we saw what a big difference Reeza was to the other agents we dealt with.
She was miles ahead in terms of her knowledge, thoroughness, work ethic and style, not to mention eloquence. Those who are familiar with her know she no longer needs to work. She continues to do so because she is literally married to her profession. Her passion for what she does is relentless and truly doesn’t lose flame.
She rarely takes vacations and when she does, it simply means she is working somewhere else. She may not be physically there but she is still in control of what’s going on making sure things are moving as planned with her clients’ affairs. When she gets carried away, she finds herself working till the wee hours of the morning. All this, make her the best at what she does.
Reeza sets herself apart from the pack. She sees her clients as people she would love to serve and help. Selling their home or finding one they can call home is not a statistic but a calling. And when her clients entrust her with selling or finding a home, it humbles her and pushes her not only to meet, but to exceed their every expectation. This is what you call an agent with a heart. Congratulations for having recognized your passion and for using it to help others.” – FERNANDO & CECILIA SANTAYANA, FORMER HAWKS POINTE RESIDENTS

“We are truly grateful to Reeza Gervacio for everything she has done to help us find the right home.
My husband and I decided to sell our home at the Hillsborough Collection so we could move to a newer and bigger property at nearby Hawks Pointe, also in La Mirada. We wanted an experienced realtor to help us but with just a six-week window to sell our current home and close escrow on the new one, we were apprehensive. We didn’t want the process to be a nightmare so we knew we had to talk to someone who had the right experience and expertise in dealing with such situations.
We have known Reeza from her extensive marketing efforts in our community. Her flyers were always very attractive and informative. You could tell just by reading her flyers that she possessed excellent marketing & communication skills. We decided she was “it.”
From day one, we immediately understood why she was so successful. Whether it was late in the evening or early in the morning, she was always available. Considering that she had numerous transactions at that time, we felt like we were the only clients she was working for.
Reeza was very professional. She was precise, prompt, and most of all, she wasn’t pushy. Using a lot of marketing tools that other realtors don’t use, she was able to make us understand all the information we needed in order to make the right decision. Even more impressive, she never buckled down under extreme pressure.
We loved her attention to detail! Because she was intimately familiar with all the floor plans in the Hillsborough community, she made us aware that our floor plan was misreported by William Lyon, the builder, to the county assessor’s office. She didn’t stop calling until the county assessor’s office sent an appraiser to re-appraise the property and make the necessary correction.
She also answered all our phone calls and replied to all our text messages, and she communicated with all the buyers’ agents and clients as well. She even went to the extent of calling each agent that has shown our property to get feedback and address buyers’ objections.
Reeza was relentless. We couldn’t believe it, but after only a little more than two weeks, she found us an all-cash buyer! She packaged the buyer’s offer in such a way that it would close within two weeks just in time for us to remove all of our contingencies on the purchase of the upleg house. For anyone who has ever had to buy or sell a house, you know that a sale is quite complicated in itself… but a sale with contingency is twice much more stressful.
Needless to say, Reeza exceeded our expectations. Not only were we able to sell our home without a hitch, but we were also able to purchase our dream home and close escrow within 17 days. We call her our ‘Wonder Woman!’”

“Representing me previously as a buyer and more recently as a seller, Reeza Gervacio has consistently shown herself to be not only an area specialist, but simply a real estate professional par excellence! Having a real estate license myself, I decided regardless to use Reeza’s services, knowing full well that any “costs” (i.e., commission) would be recouped in the proceeds of the sale – and I was not disappointed.
Within three days, we had over a dozen offers, most of which were above listing price. Reeza’s vast and relevant knowledge of both the local marketplace and national fiscal trends have helped me in my decision to sell and in the timing to sell. Her clear and quick communication helped to make the entire process certain and straightforward. Every step of the journey—photos of the home, pricing the home, listing the home, holding open houses, communicating with buyer’s agents, negotiating counter offers, after-care, and more—each step and stage was precise, prompt, professional, and dealt with such care.
If you are looking for someone who can both empathize and guide, who is both warm and wise, and who will deal both kindly yet firmly with external parties (e.g., agents, escrow, mortgage, title, etc.), then look no further: Reeza Gervacio is the unquestionable choice for all your real estate needs. Entrust your single most important financial asset to none other than the best!” – RICHARD S. PARK, D. Phil, (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD) FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENT

“For any first time home buyers, brace yourselves for the road ahead. I had no idea what to expect when it came to buying a home, we had met with some agents off zillow.com, but no one seemed to really stick out. Then we had heard through some family friends about a woman who was “really good at her job”. Her name is Reeza Gervacio.
I finally got a hold of Reeza’s phone number and she sounded like the sweetest person. Could this sweet lady be aggressive enough to land me a good deal on a home? She asked me what I wanted and what I needed in a home, she gave me a lot of background on different neighborhoods, and just from 1 phone call she was sure that I would love the house she had an open house for. I arrived at the open house, and she was right! How did she know after 1 phone call what I was looking for? The house ended being out of our price range, but from that point I knew this woman knew what she was doing.
For 2 months, every week, Reeza would patiently accept my requests to see 5-8 homes per weekend. She was professional and very knowledgeable, she knew school district API scores, she knew numbers and dates like the back of her hand. There wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer, and if she didn’t know it, she made sure she would find out. She was incredibly attentive, and would make herself available at all hours of the day.
We finally found a short sale home that was in our range and desired location, for anyone who knows short sales, they are probably the biggest headaches. It’s a long drawn out process and you have to have a certain appetite for it. We didn’t know exactly what to expect but Reeza made sure we were informed of EVERYTHING, in the end we got the home in record time- in about 60 days we were in. We ran into some unexpected hiccups with overstaying tenants but she came through and supported us the entire way.
If you’re looking for a real estate agent I seriously recommend you contact her, she knows everything and specializes in the North Orange County areas. I’m kind of sad that I won’t be talking to her 5 times a week, but she’s probably out helping another frantic first time buyer. Thank you Reeza!” – GARY & ESTHER PAK

“We had heard about Reeza because she represented the seller’s agent for the previous home we lived in. She had an extensive reputation among those in the Somerset community as well as the city of La Mirada/La Habra. When we finally decided to sell our home due to our growing family, we did our due diligence of interviewing and researching real estate agents and for the specific home and situation, she was our top choice. She was knowledgeable about the home, the history of the home (personal memories as well as professional details), and the community. What surprised us as we had several follow-up meetings was how well-informed she was about the entire real estate business and transaction process. She knew with great precision specific tax codes, all the nuances of inspections, and the particulars about what each person in the process of selling a home requires. She is so familiar with each step. She is also cutting edge in her technology and social media network, keeping up with the times and using it to her clients’ advantage. She is completely professional and yet there is a strong personal touch that shows how much she enjoys helping individuals and families in this important decision to buy or sell a home. While there are many noteworthy things I could go on to mention like how quickly our home sold and how she was able to get a very competitive final price, what most stood out about Reeza was her attitude during our initial meeting. She actually convinced us that it was not in our best financial interest to sell. Honestly, who does that and loses potential business. Ironically, the opposite was the result. It made us trust her more since she valued our best interest. We initially shelved the decision partially because of her input but soon had a change of heart because it was better for our family in other ways for us to sell. She went right to work and we had a hard time keeping up with her. She has an incredible work ethic and we are so glad that we chose her to sell our home!” – THE SHIN FAMILY

“Thank you so much for all of your assistance in the sale of our property. We feel fortunate to have worked with you. Your devotion to your work and your attention to detail are two characteristics which make you an excellent real estate agent. The demonstration of our property was a first class production. Your promotional materials surpass any other in which I have seen. Your ability to explain things clearly to even the most layperson is commendable. We definitely would recommend you to anyone who asks. If the three sellers with houses in our community would have used your services, I am certain that their houses would have sold as quickly as ours. We appreciated you being “on call” at all times and always returning phone calls and answering questions in an efficient and timely manner. We also appreciate your help with the purchase of our upleg property even though you were not our buying agent. You have helped to make our goals and dreams a reality and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – JENNIFER B., REHABILITATION THERAPIST, STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND GARETT B., POLICE OFFICER, LAPD (LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT) (FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENTS).

“Reeza exemplifies professionalism wanting of many real estate agents. Many real estate agents forget that they represent the client and not themselves. The end result is an unhappy customer and a bad impression of the real estate profession. In our dealings with Reeza, she clearly demonstrated her fiduciary responsibility to us and took actions that were only in the best interest of her client. The end result was a successful sale of our home and a life-long customer. She is well trained in her field and was able to explain the process to us in a very simple and understandable manner. Furthermore, she knew her market very well. She was on top of every sale in our vicinity and was able to work with us in terms of determining the optimal selling price. It was a breath of fresh air to have met and worked with such a professional who isn’t out to just make a quick buck. Such dedication, I’m sure, will in the long run sustain a growing and prosperous career. Best of luck, Reeza.” – ATTORNEY DANNY KIM, SENIOR ASSOCIATE, ESQ., FULBRIGHT AND JAWORSKI LLP AND CELESTE KIM (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“My husband and I have known Reeza Gervacio for 3 years. She had never been our real estate agent, but in that 3 year duration, we had come to respect Reeza as an expert in her field.
Late in October of 2005, we decided to sell our home. We notified Reeza of our desire to list our home on a Thursday evening. The next day, Friday, we met to discuss the details and take care of paperwork. On Saturday, two days after notifying Reeza, we held our first open house. Due to our situation at the time, we were truly hoping to sell our home as quick as possible. Reeza took every effort to ensure that she did what she could to make sure this happened. With short notice, she not only held a very successful open house, she also prepared beautiful literature, held a caravan to show our home to other agents and marketed our home through the multiple venues she utilizes. Reeza’s skill, tenacity and dedication all proved to be the recipe for success to sell our home. She was able to sell our home within 10 days of our first open house and close escrow under 45 days. We couldn’t have asked for better results.
As first time sellers of a home, we really did not understand all of the details you have to go through to ensure escrow closes successfully on time. Reeza was there for us every step of the way. She managed every detail with such competence and care, that we felt like we were her only clients. Reeza is beyond an excellent real estate agent — she is an honest, caring and dedicated person. She truly understands every aspect of what it takes to sell a home — marketing, showing your home and most importantly, the legal contracts. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. Not only will we call up Reeza again in the future, we’ll refer her to all of our friends and family in the area. She’s that good!” – RASESH PATEL, DIRECTOR, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AT DIRECTV, AND SUCHI PATEL (FORMER HAWKS POINTE RESIDENTS).

“Reeza Gervacio sold our home, 875 E. Mountain Way Unit C in Azusa, CA, in less than 8 days! Her marketing services in the MLS and flyers are truly outstanding! The third person to physically see our house made us an offer, which we accepted. The offer was only $5,000 less than our asking price, an all-cash deal,and to close in 20 days. Because our new home was not ready, Reeza negotiated a 45-day rent back for us. We were able to handle all the paperwork regarding the offer online, which was extremely convenient.” – WILLIE ZUNIGA, PRESIDENT, GRIFOLS BIOLOGICAL INC., AND CHRISTINE CHOW

“Reeza Gervacio sold our home at 1231 W Marigold Ave in La Habra in less than 6 weeks! Her services are truly outstanding! Reeza held 3 open houses for us, advertising online as well as with posted signs. Best of all, she got us an offer and then successfully negotiated the best possible price while we were on vacation in Maui, 1.9% less than our asking price. We were able to handle all the paperwork regarding the offer online, which was extremely convenient.
We have complete trust in Reeza, and this is the second time she has successfully sold our home for us. Our first home was in La Mirada in the Somerset community in 2007. And the second home was in La Habra (Tapestry community) in 2014.
Reeza is very professional and honest. We respect her knowledge and advice. She kept us informed every step of the way. She was always anticipating what to do next and how to best represent us. She is very detailed-oriented and handled all required the paperwork proficiently and quickly. She provided excellent customer service.
We highly recommend Reeza to all our family and friends. She is truly amazing and a shining star in her profession. It was our pleasure and privilege to work with her.” – WILLIE ZUNIGA AND CHRISTINE CHOW

“We did it! Early on in the process, James and I had a conversation as to who would be our agent. Someone who can represent us to our buyer. Someone who is an expert in this field who is trustworthy and reliable. You were the only one that came to mind. Reeza, my family and I will forever be grateful for your tireless efforts to sell our home. Even with you halfway across the world, there was never any doubt. You were amazing! You have great passion for your job and are passionate about finding the right home for your client. We appreciate you and are thankful for ALL you did! Much love.

“”This is the third property I’ve sold using Reeza. And she also helped me purchase a home. I love Reeza.
There are many of us out here who love Reeza! We are in the Reeza fan club!
I don’t know what more I could say. When it comes time that a house is sold or she and I bought a house I’m sad that it’s over. I’ve told her that I so enjoy our interactions while we’re buying a house or selling house; she is a joy.
I do keep in touch with her just to check in on the market now and then although right now I only have one house left so I don’t know how long it’s going to be when I pick up that phone and I call Reeza again. But I know Reeza will drop me a note just to say hi and I will do the same for her. It’s not always about the sale, I mean it’s important, but I think trust is number one with a good friendship.
I think I forgot got to tell you how darn smart she is. The added benefit is she knows her stuff and I’ve watched her very sweetly educate others, myself included! I’ve learned things with each and every interaction that she and I have, and I take that knowledge and share it with others.

“Reeza is simply the best! She sold our previous home in La Mirada. So when it came time to purchase another home a year later, there was no other choice—it was Reeza. Her well-rounded knowledge helped me make good decisions on the purchase.
On a more personal note, Reeza’s kindness and her genuine concern that I would have a home that I would love to live in—both things made Reeza my only choice. I would NEVER consider anyone else to help me buy or sell my home. Reeza is absolutely the best! David Krolikowski and his assistant Nancy were really great too. Prompt in answering my questions, explaining everything no matter how small. I greatly appreciated that Prospect Mortgage stepped in when my previous lender stopped responding to me. David Krolikowski hit the floor running!” – DEBBIE DUNCAN (FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENT)

“I watched over 16 years properties that were sold by Reeza and I was very impressed. I met her and spoke with her only twice, but she was so nice and polite. When it was time for me to sell, I knew Reeza would be my choice. She is so professional and knowledgeable in her field. I was a bit stressed with this move because my daughter and I were moving from California, where we lived all our lives, all the way across the United States to Georgia. She always reassured my daughter and I with positive thoughts and helpful information. It all worked out and now we live in Georgia. I highly recommend Reeza Gervacio to help with your move.” – ELAINE BARDEN (FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENT)

“Through the years of receiving marketing materials, and seeing ‘Open House’ signs for Reeza Gervacio, we knew that we would call on her if we ever sold our house. When we decided to sell, Reeza was the first and only Agent that we called, and we felt confident to give her our business.
Reeza has extensive knowledge of the area, a tireless drive to be as thorough as possible in all of her marketing efforts, and is always available for her clients. She loves what she does and it shows. If Reeza was not immediately available to answer our phone calls, we always received her return call promptly within the hour. She always kept us informed of upcoming deadlines, and the process in general, and we truly feel like we gained an education in real estate while working with her. We never felt like we had to ‘stay on top of her’ to keep from wasting time. Reeza was quick and efficient at moving the process along seamlessly.
We sold our house with Reeza Gervacio, and walked away from the experience with complete satisfaction. We feel confident in recommending Reeza to anyone interested in selling their home.” – GREG LANDA, DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING, CAT ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES AND PAM LANDA (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“Our most critical factor in deciding to ask Reeza to represent us was that she is very well-known in our neighborhood with an excellent reputation for success and ‘getting the job done.’ From day one, we immediately understood why she is so successful. And on the last day of the process of selling our home, we absolutely knew we could not have had such a positive experience and outcome without Reeza.
Reeza was precise, prompt, but not ‘pushy’ with a keen sense of professionalism which allowed her to see what was important to us. Additionally, she utilized various marketing tools that other realtors clearly do not use. Just as important, she had very specific and creative ideas in helping us, and was even better while under pressure when we came across a situation; with Reeza’s experience and knowledge we were able to solve a potentially negative circumstance. She was not simply knowledgeable and friendly, but had a real sense of care and was proactively attentive to us – whether it was late in the evening or early in the morning she was always available.
Reeza’s integrity and aggressiveness proved to us to be just as important as her expertise in understanding her marketplace. She was able to quickly find the right buyers for our home, and everyone involved knew that we as well as the new owners were being treated fairly and honestly due to the standard of excellence and fair treatment to all the parties involved.
We are very happy to have chosen her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a realtor. Reeza is thoroughly deserving of her reputation and success, as well as our gratitude.” – PETER & STELLA SONG, INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS OWNERS (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“Our story may not seem as unusual or rare as you think.
When we first met Reeza, we had just listed with another agent. She, at the time, had a listing similar to the property we had opened escrow for, and we independently had found out that our current agent (who had listed both our property and the property we were buying) had misrepresented what we were buying. It was priced substantially over the last selling price and validated this by quoting false comparables. We cancelled escrow on the offending agent’s listing and eventually made an offer for the property Reeza had represented. While unable to come to terms with the selling party we came away impressed by Reeza’s professionalism, honesty, sheer knowledge and attention to detail.
We eventually delisted our home with the duplicitous agent and asked Reeza be our selling agent. Not only did she sell the property within a week, at a time the market slowed down, but she was able to do so at very close to our asking price, which was ten percent higher than the previous sale. However, what left the greatest impression on us was how she conducted herself; with honesty, integrity and full control over the situation. We felt this further validated our choice.
Again, our story may not seem as unusual or rare as you think. Of the Sales Agents that we had interviewed or worked with, more than a few would slip in the gray truth, or outright lie to gain our business. Some have suggested questionable moves during the process which, while seemingly advantageous, could prove detrimental in the long run. Others while clearly exhibiting charm and conviviality were bereft of technical competence. Since a real estate transaction is, for most of us, the greatest financial expenditure in our lifetime, it seemed odd to take a chance with someone with less than exemplary ethics, ability or integrity. After all, it’s your money.
A home sale is a nerve wracking, tiresome experience, and any form of relief is more than welcome. As you might have read in the other testimonials, and which I will restate just briefly, Reeza’s performance is measurable from her customers’ satisfaction, her standing among her peers, and the substantial number of transactions she’s had a hand on in her specialty areas. What’s not often read between the lines is her dedication to exceeding her customers’ expectation. She works very, very hard for her clients. She fielded our thousand and one phone calls, she made her presentations at all odd hours, and personally saw to it that all our questions were answered in a timely and relevant manner. She knows her stuff cold, and hands it out with steely, resolute resolve.
Coupled with her grace, intelligence, perceptiveness and diligence made for a smooth transaction. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t find more like her in other fields of endeavor. Working with the best affords you a higher certainty of success, and peace of mind. The best take pride in their work, and consider the client’s satisfaction their primary goal. The customer, in turn, takes pleasure in their service, would willingly use them again, and readily recommend them to others.
Ms.Gervacio is already at the very top of her field. That she came so well recommended is not surprising. That she exceeded our admittedly high expectations or that other home seller would choose not to use her.
After all, who would have thought that there really was no added cost for peace of mind?” – WILFRED E. FOJAS, CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, RHINOTECH COMPUTER PRODUCTS & ROSARIO FOJAS (FORMER THE VILLAGES & CURRENT HAWKS POINTE RESIDENTS).

“This is the fourth house that I have sold so I have worked with several realtors and had many different experiences. Without a doubt, Reeza is the most outstanding, ethical, helpful, professional, and conscientious realtor that I have ever met. Her attention to detail and prompt responses make you feel like you are the only person she is working for. I give her my absolute highest recommendation.” – BILL MUSTARD, EDUCATOR AT CERRITOS HIGH SCHOOL AND LISA MUSTARD (FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENTS).

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your efforts during the process of selling our home. As mentioned before, you did put us at ease knowing that we had the right hands looking over it. A number of attributes impressed us throughout: your patience; explaining things in detail and in a language we could understand; answering questions even if they seemed trivial and without basis; thoroughness throughout the whole process, and adding that personal touch (e.g. taking photos of our garden after clean-up.) We would like to thank you for coordinating activities with Kamal and his family but also for looking after our home since we live abroad.” – HITESH AND DAXA LAD (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“Living out of state, we were in urgent need to sell the house, so we contacted Reeza to assist us. She is known as the expert, top-seller in the Hawks Pointe community. What impressed us most were her calm demeanor, honesty, and sensitivity to reach her clients’ utmost needs. In our first phone conversation, she listened to our concerns without interruption and answered all our questions clearly. From then on, she took our burden and made it her own. The days that followed exhibited detailed account of her tireless efforts to market our house up until we got an offer. Considering the current tough market, she presented the reality of it without pressing us to rush into a decision. The house was sold in less than 3 months, shorter than what we agreed on. Furthermore, we did not have to fly back to CA during the transaction. The process went smoothly without interruption and I believe she represented us well to the buyer. Reeza, not only gave her best effort to do her job, also excelled in building a good relationship with us. In the end, we have gained a trustworthy friend and for that, we will not hesitate to entrust our families and friends to her. God bless you, Reeza.” – INGEMAR ESPERANZA, MECHANICAL ENGINEER & MELLANY ESPERANZA, REGISTERED NURSE (FORMER HAWKS POINTE RESIDENTS).

“It is hard to find people in the world you can trust with such an important thing like selling your home, one of the largest investments in a person’s life. With Reeza, we found someone we could trust, who was honest and has integrity. She worked tirelessly to help us sell our home, not only quickly, but making sure both the buyers and sellers were completely satisfied with the end result. In fact, we remember completing paperwork with her until 11 at night. Reeza is so energetic and passionate about her work, as well as committed to doing what is best for all involved. From the moment we sat down with her at her presentation, we knew we had found someone extremely special. We’re sure anyone who meets with Reeza and listens to her methods and philosophy will soon find out that she is all about commitment, character and class. Without reservation, we would use Reeza again and recommend her to everyone we know thinking of selling their home.”- REY SANCHEZ, EDUCATOR, GAHR HIGH SCHOOL & STACY SANCHEZ, VICE PRINCIPAL, LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (FORMER SOMERSET & CURRENT HAWKS POINTE RESIDENT).

“When the time came for us to sell our home, we knew who was more than capable of representing us during the transaction. We selected Reeza because she is our area specialist with tremendous expertise, extensive knowledge, and in-depth experience in selling homes in the Hillsborough, Somerset, Hillsborough Collection, Westridge, and Hawks Pointe communities. As we were contemplating selling our home over the last few years, we have gone to several of her open houses, looked over her numerous fliers, and talked with her at length. We got to know her very well and found her to be very professional, genuinely caring, and extremely responsive. She has a proven track record of quick sales and knows what it takes to get the job done.
In the sale of our home, Reeza always kept our best interests at heart and worked hard to complete the transaction. She marketed our property aggressively with state-of-the-art fliers and by Internet. With Reeza’s help, our house was sold in only 1 day!!! By doing so, Reeza has helped us to achieve our dream of upgrading our home and moving on. Through it all, Reeza has not only become our realtor, but a good friend.” – RICARDO CHEN, SENIOR ENGINEER, THE BOEING COMPANY & ANGELA CHEN (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“Reeza is a spectacular real estate agent. Reeza was my agent when I sold my home in Somerset, La Mirada. She performed flawlessly and made the whole selling process seem simple. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and customer service. Immediately from when you first meet her she is a delight to work with. Her communication and interpersonal skills are excellent. She is articulate and very thorough in her marketing activities. She works very hard and it’s no wonder why she has been so successful. Reeza is a very ‘polished’ and experienced agent. I would not hesitate in recommending her professionally or personally to anyone.” – ALLEN CHUNG, VP SALES AND MARKETING, INSIGHTRA MEDICAL (FORMER SOMERSET & CURRENT HAWKS POINTE RESIDENT).

“When selling our home, we considered a number of real estate agents. From the moment Reeza made her detailed presentation, however, there was no doubt in our minds as to who would get our listing. Her detailed and thorough initial presentation was indicative of the attention she paid to every minute detail of the home-selling process for her clients. Reeza knew our neighborhood inside and out and knew what the market would support in terms of pricing. Once retained as our agent, Reeza went immediately to work in exposing and marketing our house and soon provided us with several offers to consider. As a result of Reeza’s work, we sold our house very quickly for just under what we initially thought was a very aggressive asking price. Simply put, Reeza is the most professional, thorough, dedicated and diligent real estate agent we have ever met. Although we plan on staying at our new home for many years to come, if and when we do decide to sell, Reeza will be the first person we call. We recommend Reeza without reservation to anyone looking for a true real estate professional.” – ATTORNEY JOSEPH PARK, SENIOR ASSOCIATE, FULBRIGHT & JAWORSKI L.L.P. AND SUSAN PARK (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH & CURRENT HAWKS POINTE RESIDENTS).

“When my wife and I decided to sell our house at Westridge in La Habra, one of the easiest decisions we had to make was to call Reeza, the same person who assisted us in selling our house at Hillsborough in La Mirada four years previously. We were confident that with Reeza’s extensive experience, wholehearted dedication and impressive intelligence, we would be able to obtain the best service, gain a decent return on our investment, and go through the whole process of selling a house as a pleasant experience.
During that time, aside from us being both busy in our medical practices, we were also preoccupied with the process of finalizing the purchase of our new house in Fullerton. Our schedules became more challenging when the potential buyers of our La Habra home suddenly requested that we move to our new house as they have finalized the sale of their own house. Our major problem then was that our new house in Fullerton was not ready for occupancy for another month. With Reeza’s generous guidance and diplomatic disposition, she was able to make both the buyers and most importantly, the sellers (that’s us) go through the sale with both parties curiously contented and graciously gratified with the acceptable arrangements made.
We have been living in our new house in Fullerton for almost a year now. With the present trends in the market, the temptation to sell again looms every now and then, but one thing is certain – Reeza will always be there for us, as she has become part of our family.” – FILEMON R. QUINIO, JR., M.D., DIPLOMATE, AMERICAN BOARD OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION AND AMOR A. QUINIO, M.D., DIPLOMATE, AMERICAN BOARD OF PEDIATRICS. (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH AND WESTRIDGE AND CURRENT AMERIGE HEIGHTS RESIDENTS).

“We’ve been going through Reeza’s flyers for the past several years. Her materials are well prepared and very attractive. So when we finally decided to sell our house, we contacted her. She’s very intelligent, well-versed in the laws of selling, and she knew the market very well. More than that, she was also very friendly and open. She was hardworking, devoting a lot of time to selling our property and used all avenues available to sell it. We were impressed by the way she distributed flyers, held three Open Houses and used the Internet. She was able to sell our property in only a month’s time, but what really impressed us was that she was such a good negotiator and had our best interests at heart. Through her commendable efforts, competence and hard work, she was able to sell our property above the price we originally wanted. What an impact Reeza made in helping us understand everything we needed to know in order to close the transaction successfully. We would recommend her to anyone, anytime.” – FILEMON QUINIO JR., M.D., DIPLOMATE, AMERICAN BOARD OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, AND AMOR QUINIO, M.D., DIPLOMATE, AMERICAN BOARD OF PEDIATRICS (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH AND CURRENT WESTRIDGE RESIDENTS).

“Reeza Gervacio made the sale of our home seamless and as stress free as possible. I would highly recommend Reeza if you are selling or buying a home. Her knowledge of the process will only benefit you and she always gives 110%. She is a great person, honest, kind, and so helpful.” – BILL & LAURA STIMMLER (FORMER LANDMARK RESIDENTS)

“Reeza was amazing and made the sale of my home almost effortless for me in the way of explaining and walking me through every part. Reeza is the best. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy. Very pleased!”

“Reeza was simply amazing. Extremely detailed during the entire transaction and always presented the facts in order to keep the transaction moving forward. Her experience was key on how to handle and overcome any challenges that arose. The professionalism I saw was the direct result of Reeza’s many years of experience. I look forward to working with Reeza again.” – ERIN CHVAL, E&M PROPERTY SOLUTIONS

“Reeza was awesome. The sale of my house was part of a lawsuit with a family member who had worked with her previously and was in another state. Through all the drama and stress, her professionalism, courtesy, and kindness were blessings to me.” – BEVERLY CAMPOS

“Reeza is the best. She goes through every little detail of the transaction. She values your privacy. She goes all the way to the end and won’t stop until you are satisfied. She will listen to your requests and explain thoroughly. Her intent when explaining is genuine, not in a hurried way. I know when a person is bored or in a hurry that they cut you off and make excuses, but not Reeza. She has the most patience in the world. Thank you.”

“She was excellent. She was very professional and worked her very best to satisfy clients. I would recommend Reeza to anyone, and nobody will ever be disappointed by her service. I am very glad I purchased the house through her. She is the top agent, and if I ever sell my house in the future, she will be my agent for sure.”

“Reeza is super polite, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in her territory. I have not had one bad experience or conversation with her. I would recommend her without a doubt to my friends and family!” – JI HEE KANG

“Reeza is the best, she is the model that all brokers should aspire to be like. Our family is very grateful for her service!” – JAMES & MONICA SAMS (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS AND CURRENT HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS)

“Reeza Gervacio was always there when needed, giving the right recommendations and answers to our apprehensions and clearing up doubts in one of the most important decisions we were undertaking in our family life.”

“Reeza Gervacio was our agent handling the sale of our home in La Mirada in 2018. We had lived in that home for 29 years and had significant emotional attachment. Reeza was very understanding. She is also one of the highest energy people we have ever met. Reeza has been in the business a long time and handles many sales a year. She is very experienced in all the details of making a sale proceed smoothly. We were very pleased with the communication level between us. She constantly updated us with any and all details as we progressed through the sale and closing process. We never had to call her to find out the status on anything; she was always proactive with communication.
Reeza also understands the situations that lead to the sale of a home. We talked extensively about why we were moving out of state and she was very understanding and supportive. This was a hard move for us, but Reeza made it as smooth and easy as possible. We feel blessed that she helped us with all the details. She even gave up a full day to supervise the moving crew as we were already out of state when that time came. We highly recommend Reeza Gervacio as a superb real estate professional and a compassionate and warm person with which to do business.”

“I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us over the last few years. From the moment we met you at that open house in Hillsborough, we knew that we were in good hands. I will never be able to thank you enough for getting me through the sale of Mom’s house. My heart was breaking the entire time, but you were always there, every step of the way, being supportive and skillfully handling matters. Naturally, there was never any question that we would want to engage your talents again for the sale of the townhouse. Clearly, our confidence was well placed. Whenever an issue arose with a buyer or the builder, we would take a deep breath and say to each other, ‘Don’t worry. Reeza will take care of it.’ And you did. Reeza, it has been a pleasure working with you. We send you our sincerest gratitude for everything, and we wish you and yours all the best for the future.”

“You are incredibly hard working, professional, diligent and tenacious. It’s what makes you successful. Thank you for going above and beyond to have made this transaction successful. I always knew you would be the realtor to represent me. But there is something more than our working relationship. I think it is the Jesus in me that recognizes the Jesus in you. This does not happen with all relationships, but I am grateful for experiencing it with you. May God continue to bless you with good health, enthusiasm, and success in all your endeavors. With much admiration and gratitude.

“We highly recommend Reeza Gervacio to any one in the market to sell or purchase a home in Orange County / LA area. She is thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, and personable. Even though this was our third home purchase, she shepherd us through the process and we appreciate her work to make it easier. We were very happy with her work and hope she can be your agent. “– APHAY & FAITH LIU

“Reeza treats her clients in a very caring and helpful manner. Her communications with us were always detailed and we always knew what to expect in the process. Reeza is very knowledgeable with the area surrounding La Mirada. With her help we were able to find a house we could love in our retirement. I would always recommend Reeza for any realty needs in this area. You won’t find a better realtor. – MARK & LOUELLA CORLEY

“Reeza was the Broker for the sale of my home in the area in 2000, and also for the more recent sale of a townhome. Over the years, I and my sister have found her to be not only a trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable person about the area, but a good friend that goes the extra mile for you. She managed the sale of my sister’s home with professional ease despite an out of state sale, a language barrier and a short sale turn around.” – CHERYL SCHMARDEBECK

“Representing me as a buyer, Reeza Gervacio had not only met all my expectations, but has consistently and impressively exceeded them in multiple ways throughout my entire home-buying process. What struck me most about Reeza was her professional excellence, two particular qualities of which stood out above the rest: (1) her unending demonstration of precise and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate industry both nationally and locally; and (2) her gracious and undying support in making the entire process of home-buying as painless and enjoyable as possible.
Reeza epitomizes a real estate professional. From the first day of meeting her at what was soon to be my new home to the closing of escrow and thereafter, Reeza has demonstrated both outstanding professionalism as well as genuine friendship. She was consistently caring about both the transaction as well as the people involved with the transaction. Her deep concern was never once doubted.
In these days of underhanded business dealings and otherwise less than excellent professionalism, Reeza rises above the rest and delivers outstanding service in all her real estate endeavors. Reeza is truly remarkable!”– RICHARD S. PARK, D. PHIL, (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD) CURRENT SOMERSET RESIDENT.

“Reeza Gervacio is a very hard working, dedicated and determined agent. We came to know Reeza through her extensive marketing efforts in the Hillsborough neighborhood. Her flyers were always of high quality and very detailed. During our selection interview, we found Reeza to be well prepared, courteous, professional and capable of providing sound advice. Therefore, we used Reeza’s services on two occasions – selling our home and buying our current home. On both of these occasions, Reeza has performed extremely well. She is very clear in communicating all information, ideas and thoughts and has considerable patience in explaining all details. She returned phone calls promptly and was available to meet at times convenient for us. She is very firm in negotiating with other parties, which was very essential in our transaction. She is a competent real estate agent, who is very professional in her dealings with clients and her peers. We wish her continued success in her career. We highly recommend all interested home buyers and sellers to consider the services of Reeza Gervacio.” – RAJA SETHURAMAN, ASSOCIATE ENGINEER, CITY OF COSTA MESA AND SHYAMALA KALYANASUNDARAM, ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, ORANGE COUNTY HEALTH CARE AGENCY (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“Our experience with Reeza was amazing. She made the transaction so smooth and easy for us even though there were difficulties along the way. You can tell she is extremely experienced because she had an answer for any problem that came along the way. If she didn’t know the answer, she bent over backwards to find the answer for us. For example, we had an issue with the title on the property and she was able to coordinate the right people to correct it. When I had a question regarding potential tax issues, she contacted her accountant to find the answer. Regardless of your problem, Reeza can help you with the process and make your buying and selling process seamless.”

“Your sincerity and utmost professionalism on top of your earnest hard work are what made all transactions smooth and clear to parties concerned. We appreciate all the positive energy and dedicated service you put in from start to finish and we wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to others should the need arise. The updates are most helpful. Again, our gratitude and appreciation for your kindness, efficiency and approachability.” – DEOGRACIAS AND MYRNA CO

“When it comes to selling your home, one of the first important decisions to make is selecting a good real estate agent. This was our fourth home to sell and we wanted to find an agent who knew our neighborhood and could help us obtain our asking price in the shortest period of time. Reeza had an excellent reputation for selling homes in our area and was also referred to us by my parents whose home was sold by Reeza a few years earlier.
When we first met Reeza, we were so impressed with her detailed presentation and real estate knowledge we felt confident to retain her as our agent. Reeza went right away to work on marketing our home. Our new home was being built and we had a short window of time to sell our existing home. We also desired to rent back, as our new home would not be completed for several more months.
Every detail of the selling process went smoothly. Reeza not only sold our home for the price we wanted in just two days, but also represented the buyers who in turn agreed to let us rent back until our new home was completed.
We found Reeza to be the most professional, dedicated and diligent real estate agent that we have ever met. Because of her honesty and integrity we had peace of mind through the whole selling process. We highly recommend Reeza Gervacio to anyone in need of a professional real estate agent.” – LYNN BAROLDI, PURCHASING MANAGER, GREIF, INC. & LUAANN BAROLDI, TEACHER, B.P.S.D. (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH & CURRENT AMERIGE HEIGHTS RESIDENTS).

“We believe you won’t find a more competent and hard-working real estate agent than Reeza Gervacio in the La Mirada area. Reeza impressed us with her initial presentation along with her marketing skills by the use of the MLS, Internet advertising, extremely attractive flyers, and the way she conducted her open houses. Reeza even showed our home to potential buyers prior to the property being listed in the MLS. She was intimately familiar with our floor plan, including basic amenities and all the upgrades, thus impressing potential buyers. In a span of two weeks, we had three immediate offers, and she was eventually able to sell the property for a higher price than we had ever hoped for. Reeza was dependable and reliable. She returned our calls and answered our questions and concerns in a timely manner. If we were going to do a real estate transaction again in the area, we would definitely work with Reeza again. Look around, do your homework and interview other real estate agents in the area as well but we highly recommend Reeza to be your agent for your next real estate transaction. Don’t be fooled by real estate agents who claim they know the “farm” or area where your property is located.” – TEO AND RACHELL QUION (FORMER SOMERSET RESIDENTS).

“If one were to look in the dictionary under customer service, they would find the name Reeza Gervacio. Reeza exemplifies the term.
Every time I needed to talk to Reeza, she was only a phone call away. To my delight, my phone calls were always returned within the hour. I had every number possible for her: her cell phone, home phone, business phone, fax number, and email address. She prides herself on personalized attention for her client, and that is exactly what she gives. Although escrows don’t always proceed smoothly, Reeza did everything possible to make the sale of my house as painless as possible. She even met the workers (termite, repairmen, etc.) at my house for me, so I didn’t have to take time off work.
As far as the marketing of my house, I couldn’t be happier. I listed my house for my price, and even though it was a little high, Reeza agreed to give it a try to “test the market”. She did two open houses a week for many weeks to make sure that the house was sufficiently marketed. She then called all the realtors who had toured the house to see what their clients thought. When we lowered the price, she then called all the realtors again to tell them the price had been reduced!
I would certainly recommend Reeza to anyone buying or selling a house. Her marketing strategy, professionalism and personal service, along with being an award-winning realtor, make her an outstanding realtor.” – JEANNE BECKOM, INSTRUCTOR, COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER, ABC ADULT SCHOOL

“My husband and I were in a very tight situation because we had to sell our old house in Cerritos and buy a new one within a 7-week period. Reeza was able to do that for us. The nicest thing I like was that she returned our calls within half an hour. We were pretty much talking everyday. She found us a home that fit all our needs, including the fact that we needed one that could accommodate our very large dog. Our old house was listed in October, and we moved into our new house on December 1st. I don’t know if anybody could have done what she did. We’re very pleased with Reeza.” – DEBRA MCKIE, FORMER TEACHER, ABC UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

“We’ve lived in our neighborhood for the past 5 years and we saw Reeza work very hard to get to know the residents and the area. Our main concern was having a dependable realtor who would look after our interests and who would work hard to sell our house. Reeza was very straight with us and very thorough in her work. We could trust her words and we were very happy we chose her as our realtor. We would recommend her to our friends who need a reliable and trustworthy realtor.” – JONG KIM, M.D., LOS ANGELES COUNTY – UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MEDICAL CENTER AND YOUNG AN, R.N., UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE MEDICAL CENTER (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“My wife and I found our retirement dream home. But first we had to sell our present home. We lived in the same neighborhood that Reeza lives in and we would always see her “For Sale” signs going up marked sold. We contacted Reeza at one of her open houses and she made an appointment and very professionally explained everything to us. We listed our house with Reeza at a time when the sale of homes was on the down side. She put a lot of effort into selling our house with open houses, flyers, signs and advertising. We didn’t think it would sell but with her energy, efficiency and hard work, she was able to sell our home and get the price we wanted.” – ROBERT CHAPMAN, FORMER PRESIDENT OF LYON GALLERY, HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION AND LUCILLE CHAPMAN.

“Reeza was very professional. We met her at an Open House in La Mirada and she gave us this sales kit that contained very good information. Using that, my wife and I were able to determine the kind of house we wanted. She was able to identify with our changing need, being from out-of-state. She was very helpful in identifying location and the desirability of the house. She showed us a lot of houses. We were very impressed with her services.” – WILLIAM SONG, ENGINEER, PARAMOUNT PETROLEUM.

“Reeza has been leaving her flyers and advertisements at our home for a couple of years now, so when we decided to sell, we called her. We interviewed 3 agents but we chose Reeza because her presentation was very informative. She explained all the details very clearly and she knew the market very well. She had a good knowledge of the properties and the buyers in our area. We’re very satisfied with the way Reeza handled our transaction. She did everything she told us she would do. She was very thorough, detail oriented, always punctual, and very professional. She kept in contact with the buying agent and handled all the paper work diligently. We’ve had several offers on our property and Reeza gave us the confidence that everything will work out well because she obviously knows her job.” – DEBBIE WAITE, LABORATORY MANAGER (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENT).

“I came to know about Reeza because she had been sending fliers in the mail. Sometimes she had door hangers. We know she sold a lot of houses in Hillsborough and was doing pretty good in that area. When we decided to sell our house in Hillsborough, we contacted her. She was very professional. I deal with a lot of agents in my business, but Reeza’s service was perfect. At the time she was selling our house, she also sold two more houses. I’ve seen other houses for sale and the agents couldn’t sell them for over a year. Reeza could sell houses pretty fast and got a very good price for them. That’s what she did for us. Reeza’s the perfect realtor.” – SHAILESH RAMA AND JAISHREE RAMA, ENTREPRENEURS – OWN TWO STORES (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“We were impressed with Reeza since the first day she was introduced to us by our aunt, who had highly recommended her. The communication skills and willingness to spend the extra time was also greatly appreciated – no matter how small a question, given that this is our first home and our inexperience with the vocabulary of real estate. What most impressed us was the way she explained every step of the process, from the home search to the complex escrow. And, despite the close of the escrow, she still kept in touch to see how things were going so that we never felt abandoned. She has quite a talent in interacting with people and we have no doubt that is the reason why she is successful in her career.” – MARK TAIRA, M.D., PROFESSOR, USC SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND GAYLE TAIRA, M.D., PATHOLOGIST.

“We were looking for a house in the Hillsborough area on Memorial Day weekend when we chanced upon signs for an Open House along the main street. We basically followed the signs until we found the property and that’s how we met Reeza. She was real nice and very open with us, and even during the very first meeting, our impression of her was that she was very trustworthy. She was real fair in dealing with us. We know it must have been difficult since she was both buyer’s and seller’s agent. But she proved to us that we could trust her and she was very knowledgeable about the market. She made the whole process very clear for us, and explained every step of the transaction. She’s not the kind of realtor who’ll just say goodbye after the transaction closes. We would definitely recommend her as a realtor, especially for first-time homebuyers. (My mother, who’s selling her house next year, wants Reeza to be her realtor.)” – DAVID NAFFIN, ENGINEER, ISE INC. AND STEPHANIE NAFFIN (CURRENT HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“Reeza helped us sell our parents’ house at a higher listing price set after another agent was not able to sell the property. She knew how to market and advertise the property and used attractive materials to promote the property to prospective buyers. She was also very professional and dedicated in her profession. I would like to highly recommend her to people in need of selling or buying properties in her farming area.” – CHRIS SONG, MANAGING EXECUTIVE, CPA, HOLMES & ASSOCIATES (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENT).

“My husband and I found out about Reeza through a neighbor’s referral. We were planning to sell our house in Hillsborough and we needed a realtor who could get the job done. She was very dependable, very competent and knowledgeable. She had wonderful marketing skills, effectively using the L.A. Times, Internet, MLS, telephone, Flyers and Brochures to maximize exposure of our property in the market. She held three open houses where she even handed out treats to prospective buyers. As our real estate agent, we strongly felt that our legal interests were well protected and fairly represented. Above all these, she had a very nice personality and a very high level of energy. We could really count on her because she went out of her way to help us with all our needs, making us feel at ease during the entire process. Overall, we were very happy and satisfied with the service Reeza provided.” – ARNOLD SIERRA, PLANT MANAGER, SEALED-AIR CORP. AND SUSAN SIERRA, INSTRUCTION ASSISTANT, LOWELL JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“When it comes to selling and buying homes only one name comes to mind…Reeza! Reeza Gervacio has assisted us in four transactions over the years. Everyone ran very smoothly. Not only Reeza understands the market extremely well, she is the kindest, most courteous agent we know. Her dedication to deliver the best service to her clients is superb and surpasses other agents by far. In today’s market we were hesitant about putting our home on the market. We knew this was no easy task, especially because we no longer live in Southern California. After we made the call and met with Reeza, we felt instant relief. We gained our confidence, put our trust in the stellar agent Reeza and as always, she guided and helped us in many ways. Without this hard worker in our corner I know the sale of our home would have been more difficult. There were many times we called on Reeza to help out with tasks we were unable to take care of being so far away. Our dependable agent came to our rescue. Reeza is such a pleasure to work with, she goes up and above for her clients. She is the ideal agent and should be the role model for other agents. Her kind genuine ways make people feel very comfortable and confident. When you put your business in Reeza’s hands you are guaranteed to get excellent service. Once again, it was great pleasure to have Reeza handle the sale of our home. There’s only one regret; now that Reeza sold our home, we will not be seeing her. We will miss her!” -ARNOLD SIERRA, PLANT MANAGER, SEALED-AIR CORP AND SUSAN SIERRA (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH COLLECTION RESIDENTS).

“Her knowledge of the local market and professionalism throughout the sales process truly made life easier for my family and I during our relocation and transition to San Diego. Her thorough analysis and market assessment helped us price our home at “fair market value” to ensure that our house sold at a price that made us comfortable. The relationships she has with other local real estate professionals provided our property the exposure needed to sell quickly. Her professionalism and personal touch made our experience truly enjoyable.” – RUSSELL MITCHELL, DIRECTOR OF GROUP SALES, SHERATON HOTEL, SAN DIEGO AND SANGEETA MITCHELL (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS).

“My experience with Reeza when I bought my house in Cerritos was extremely satisfying. She made me feel comfortable and I felt no pressure. She was very professional and very friendly. She took the time out to show me 15 houses that took about five hours on our first meeting. She was very helpful during the entire process. I’ve had a realtor before but I was never satisfied with the service I got. My mom spotted Reeza’s ad in Pennysaver and referred her to me. I was very lucky to find Reeza.” – RIZALINO QUILIZA, SENIOR ANALYST, WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS.

“Reeza is a realtor in the true sense of the word. She is a very talented person and knowledgeable in the real estate market. She takes her job very seriously. She is the kind of person you would like to represent you in any real estate deal. I have had several dealings with other real estate brokers and my experience with Reeza was the most pleasant and profitable one. She sold our rental house in a very short period of time and she negotiated the sale with ease. She is honest and trustworthy and I have no doubt in my mind that she would be my realtor in my next real estate transaction.” – SYLVIA AGUILAR, 1999 PRESIDENT OF ST. PAUL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION; CURRENT VICE-PRESIDENT OF FILIPINO ASSOCIATION, ST. LORENZO RUIZ IN WALNUT, CALIFORNIA; CONTROLLER OF ANTIGUA KNITS, INC.

“The difference between a successful real estate deal from a bad one is the real estate agent. Reeza gave us proper guidance and direction so we could make decisions wisely. She was also very knowledgeable and technically astute even with the loan process. We have searched for our dream home for two years with other agent, which is why we know that Reeza is the best. She will not sell you a house and say ‘goodbye’ but she will follow through if there is a problem even after escrow closes. She put 110% of her effort, dedication, and loves for the job, and that’s what makes her the best.”

“Reeza was not really the first agent who tried to help us find a house. She was actually our third agent. I could say, where others failed, she succeeded. She was able to make us overcome what most first-time homebuyers feel: a sense of doubt, uncertainty, fear and insecurity. After a month of searching, we were able to purchase our very first home in Cerritos. At that time, there were several of us buyers bidding for the same property. Of course, we got the house! When the transaction closed, I asked Connie Lee of Sunny Estates Realty, the seller’s agent, why the owner decided to award us the property. Connie said that she did some research on all the prospective buyers and their agents. All the buyers were qualified but Reeza has the best reputation among all the agents in closing real estate deals.” – REY BOLANOS, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, KEAN INC. AND LENNY BOLANOS.

“From the first time she presented her very educational and informative listing presentation up to the time she negotiated on our behalf to rent back from our buyers a full month, she demonstrated competence, diligence and hard work throughout and past the escrow period. Even Polly Barnes, Shea homes’ representative (developer of our new home) was pleased with her efforts and commitment to successfully close both escrows: the sale of our old home and the purchase of our dream home. We are most impressed with her high energy level and her ability to make things happen.”

“Reeza took the worry and stress out of selling our home! She helped us with anything, and everything, needed to ensure that the process went smoothly and as easily as possible.
We hired Reeza to sell our home because we had never sold a home before and had no idea of what needed to be done. We knew she was an award-winning realtor and had sold a lot of homes in our neighborhood. We felt we needed all the help we could get, so went with the best we knew.
She met with us right away and immediately eased much of the anxiety that we were feeling. We knew we were in very capable, trustworthy hands. She walked alongside of us to guide us through every step of the process, from the beginning until, and after, the completion of the sale.
It was a stressful time of our lives, but with Reeza guiding and helping us, we were able to nearly eliminate the stress of selling our house. She took the time to understand us, our desires, and our needs. Everything she did was with our best interest in mind. She was very caring and mindful of our needs.
She has tireless energy and works long days, which meant that she was available whenever we needed her or had a question, and we had many. She always responded right away. Her knowledge, gained through countless years of experience and numerous connections, is endless. There was nothing that she could not answer, or any help needed, that she could not provide. She was always there for us.
Reeza is considerate, a good listener, compassionate, and honest. She thoroughly understands the housing market, financial atmosphere, and political climate. Her wisdom guided us to determine the best price, and timing, for the sale of our house.
Throughout the process, Reeza provided all kinds of hints and tips, as well as good referrals for any type of help that we needed. She worked well with our subcontractors (inspectors, repair people, etc.) providing them with all the information needed and ensuring that all the paperwork needed from them was completed. She also provided the qualified people needed to handle all the various aspects of selling a home.
Reeza always made time to keep us informed, and updated, on the progress that was being made. She also made sure that we were aware of everything that we needed to do and made sure that we were completing things as needed.
Reeza knows all the complexities of real estate transactions and always took the time to explain everything thoroughly and clearly. We never had to sign anything until we understood it and were completely comfortable with it — a rarity in today’s times but also particularly important in our litigious culture.
Reeza has deservedly earned many awards in the real estate industry. There could be none better in the real estate industry, than Reeza. Upon completion of the sale, we were presented with a folder that contained a record of everything related to the sale – all the signed documents, records of the inspections and work done, a beautiful brochure that captured the memory of our house, itemized listing of all the various costs associated with the closing, and all the information related to the sale that would be needed by our tax preparer.
Reeza’s services were invaluable. We highly recommend her to everyone — those selling and buying. Reeza Gervacio will exceed your expectations.” –CHUCK & LYNNE MERKEL (FORMER HILLSBOROUGH RESIDENTS)

“Reeza was supportive and always kept us informed about the progress of our transaction. She even wrote a personal letter to the seller describing the reasons why the property should be awarded to us. She surprised us when she went up the attic with the inspector to ensure that all aspects of the physical condition of the property are good. It will be our pleasure to refer Reeza to anyone who is in need of a remarkable realtor.” – BONG SANTOS, PURCHASING COORDINATOR, COLLEGE HOSPITAL, AND MIMI SANTOS.

“When we were ready to buy a house, we were blessed with Reeza’s talents. She was very technical and yet very comprehensible. She paved the way to our wonderful home which is within the ABC Unified School District. Bragg, where my 4th grader goes is ranked one of the best in California as reported in the L.A. Times. This did not come as a surprise to us because Reeza has already presented us with percentile scores for various schools. Being her first cousin, I was ready to receive lesser attention, lesser details, lesser efficiency, and lesser priority from her bigger clients. On the contrary, she made me feel like I was a client buying a million dollar home for my million dollar dreams. I am very proud to be her family.”

“Reeza, you were a blessing to work with. Your professionalism and devotion to good work ethics made our transaction go smoothly. I appreciated your communication skills and your timeliness on each deadline. Thank you for all you did in bringing a good, qualified buyer to this beautiful home. I will look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future.” – MICHELLE FRY, REAL ESTATE AGENT

“I wanted to personally thank you for hanging in there when our escrow hit challenging times. We had many issues surface after we opened escrow and you maintained a calm professional approach to each problem and setback that came up. Your solution-oriented thought process is something I deeply respect. This is no marketplace for the weak or weary, and that is why you are so successful at a time many agents are leaving real estate and trying to get a steady paying job.”

“Big shout out to listing agent @reezarealtor for her awesome teamwork on this one. Multi-million-dollar listing agent and still managed to answer her phone every time! We could all take notes from her work ethic.”

“Thank you so much for all your support, openness, honesty, and generosity throughout this entire process. Your professionalism as well as your love, care, and support are greatly appreciated. I will keep you in mind whenever any property-related situations arise in my life or any of my friends’ lives.”

“Reeza was my realtor when I purchased my condo in La Mirada in 2005. She was great and I of course chose to enlist her help with the sale of the same condo. She is so amazing, never sleeps, always responsive, suggested staging the place, which made a huge difference, had the right buyer, etc. Everything went so smoothly, and the condo was sold for more than I had ever hoped.”

What Reeza’s Clients Say About Her…